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Get free poker coaching from The pros listed on our site has all more than five years experience as full time poker professionals. Our main coaches “Petter85” and “HOMERos” has each won more than 500 000 dollar at the tables online, and they also got several big scores from live poker events. All new visitors at get two hours free poker coaching and get to learnĀ the winning strategies that has made us so sucessful, for free!

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Just fill in the contact form and get started with your first free two hours of poker coaching. For those who prefer poker webinars with several participants we do that as well.

Meet our coaches

“Petter85” – Feared SNG and MTT specialist

The poker player “Petter85” started playing online over a decade ago and soon became one of the most fearful players at Sit and go’s at Pokerstars. He soon also develop his MTT skills and have merits such as win at Pokerstars big tournies such as Sunday warmup, several wins in Sunday 100 rebuy, WCCOP final tables and much much more. His most recent big score was a 10 000 dollar win in 33$ hotter on Pokerstars. Below you can see some of the scores that has been picked up by

petter big wins

Petter big wins

“HOMERos” tournament and cashgame specialist

The poker player “HOMERos” started, just as Petter, playing poker 2004 well before the poker boom. He soon develop his SNG and MTT skills and was one of the players with the absolute best win rate at Pokerstars during the “SNG-era”. His win rate well succeded top pros such as Elky, Dariomineri and Rainkhan. Below you can see some of his top scores at MTT at Pokerstars. Except the below Sunday warmup win, the two SCOOP final tables (2013 and 2014), he has also won the Sunday warmup another time for 33 000 $ and also played the final table in Sunday million.